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A simple Key Value store that rocks!

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Try it!

Use the special API Key: demo to try it out.

Please consider that this is a shared playground. Anyone can modify the data at anytime. The content of this demo account is also reset every day (at midnight UTC).

Here is a command line example:

headers="-H 'X-API-KEY: demo'"

# Creates a collection
# (might fail since someone else has perhaps created it already)
curl $headers -X POST "https://api.keyvalue.rocks/db?name=myCollection"

# Sets a key/value pair
curl $headers -X PUT "https://api.keyvalue.rocks/db/myCollection/myObj"    -d '{"json":"object"}'
curl $headers -X PUT "https://api.keyvalue.rocks/db/myCollection/myList"   -d '["json","list"]'
curl $headers -X PUT "https://api.keyvalue.rocks/db/myCollection/myNumber" -d '123'
curl $headers -X PUT "https://api.keyvalue.rocks/db/myCollection/myText"   -d '"json string"'

# Reads a key/value pair
curl $headers -X GET "https://api.keyvalue.rocks/db/myCollection/myObj"    # => {"json":"object"}
curl $headers -X GET "https://api.keyvalue.rocks/db/myCollection/myList"   # => ["json","list"]
curl $headers -X GET "https://api.keyvalue.rocks/db/myCollection/myNumber" # => 123
curl $headers -X GET "https://api.keyvalue.rocks/db/myCollection/myText"   # => "json string"


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Is the data stored redundantly?

Yes, the data is stored on 3 separate physical servers.

Can I have some external backup?

Not out of the box, but you can dump the whole data by simply calling `https://api.keyvalue.rocks/{collection}.json`. It is up to you to automate fetching this file and where to store it.

Where is the data stored?

Currently, there is only a single cluster located in germany.

Is there an SLA?

For the "Pro" plan, the full month will be refunded in case of unexpected downtime greater than 1 minute.

Are there technical limitations?

There always are, but they are pretty hard to reach.